About Us

     Christian Jewelers, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since opening our doors in 1992.  Conveniently located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Christian Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry designs and restorations, as well as all Estate Jewelry.  Since our opening day, our aim has always been customer satisfaction and providing exquisite customer service, while maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere.    

      Christian Jewelers has also been recognized as a top Diamond Goods store in Rhode Island, gaining a high level of notoriety year after year, and further building upon our reputation as a fine jewelry store.  The quality of our selections is unrivalled and is also an attributing factor to our continued success.  At Christian Jewelers, we also carry many unique pieces that are exclusive to our store, as well as specializing in repairing all types of jewelry, whether purchased from us or not. 

      Whether you are looking for the finest quality jewelry, or are looking to repair your precious family heirlooms, Christian Jewelers is able to assist your every need.  We look forward to working with you!